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Baby Bling Bow Apricot Knot Headband



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This apricot headband is yummy  If you're like most moms, you've heard about the super popular Baby Bling Bows brand and seen their adorable headbands around town.  We now have 13 color options available for you at Little Skye. This company is run by moms, and all the headbands are made in the USA.  The headbands are stretchy and comfortable, and can even be washed when they get dirty or stretched out.  What's not to love?
  • The bow is 4 inches in length, and the band has a 6.5 inch radius.
  • This headband is suggested to be one size fits most.
  • The basis of Baby Bling headbands are nylon. Some prints and patterns contain small amounts of spandex and/or polyester. Most embellishments are made of synthetic fabrics. All fabric, materials, dye, etc are non-toxic.
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