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About Little Skye

Who is Little Skye?

We are mothers, most importantly. We are women, wives, friends, teachers, photographers, and business owners. We host playdates, pack lunch boxes, style photo shoots, read stories, document school concerts, obsess over designer kids’ shoes, and shop. We personally choose kids' boutique clothing and create distinct outfit combinations that define Little Skye. We blend, not always smoothly, our love of children’s fashion with our love of family. We are devoted to bringing you whimsical, high quality, and wearable baby, toddler and children’s clothes and unique gifts for kids that embrace the innocence and fun of childhood with a vintage appeal. We offer a complete look for your girls, boys, toddlers, tweens and infants with our carefully styled selection of Australian, American and European designer children's clothing and shoes. 

What makes us different from other children's boutiques?

We believe that kids’ fashion should be fun, whimsical and lively – it is not about making children look older with adult-like styles, in lifeless photos with heavy makeup. It is about letting kids express who they are through the text of their clothing, and letting them be children as long as they can and should be. We are a small business run entirely by women, most of whom are working moms. We work tirelessly to give you the best customer service online and to give you an unparalleled shopping experience on our website that we continually improve. We don’t follow the crowd or jump on bandwagons or imitate ideas – we have a brand identity and we stick to it because we believe in it. We are not afraid to find and bring you new designers that we think are fantastic, even if no one else has ever heard of them. After all, “Only the children know what they are looking for.” – Antoine de Saint-Expupery

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