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Want tween clothing you both love?

If you're tired of the same limited mall tween clothes store options, and you're looking for cute clothes for tween girls, our tween clothing boutique is the answer!

We specialize in tween girls clothing for size 8 to16, and we search high and low for age appropriate but trendy tween fashion that both you and she will love. It doesn't have to make them look too old or grown up. We've got dozens of cute, girl-approved tops for tweens and tween dresses for even the pickest of girls. Our wide selection of tween shorts will be staples in their wardrobes,  and we've even got hip accessories and tween gifts (always tricky to find) from Iscream.

You'll always find the latest in trendy tween clothes at Little Skye, with brands like Kiddo, Appaman, T2Love, and Chaser Kids.  If they insist on only wearing jeans, leggings and tops - don't worry!  We've got lots to choose from.  Our secret is to take our tween daughters with us to the fashion shows, so we always know the latest styles for tween girls.


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