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Where to buy good tween clothing styles you'll both love?  

If you're tired of the same limited mall popular tween clothing stores, and you're looking for cool clothes for tweens and preteen girls, our girls' tween clothing boutique website online and store is the answer!  You can feel confident buying your tween clothing at Little Skye, because our top tween brands are not only tween approved but are also tween selected.  And best of all, you'll be happy with your the clothing choices your preteen makes.  You might even want a few styles in your size!

What are some cute clothes for 8 to 12 year olds?

We specialize in high quality pre teen and tween girls clothing for size 8 to16, and we search high and low for age appropriate but tween trendy clothes and cute outfits for tween that both you and she will love. Clothing doesn't have to make them look too old or grown up. We've got dozens of cute, girl-approved tween outfits, from cute shirts for tweens including cropped tops that aren't too cropped - to tween dresses sizes 7-16 for even the pickiest of girls. Our wide selection of tween shorts and leggings will be staples in their wardrobes.

You'll always find the latest in trendy tween clothes at Little Skye, with top tween brands that range in style from urban cool to boho chic. If they insist on only wearing jeans, leggings and tops - don't worry!  We've got lots to choose from.  Our secret is to take our tween daughters with us to the fashion shows, so we always know the latest tween clothing styles.  We've got tween buyers from ages 8-15 who tip us off to all the coolest tween trends way before we know about them.

We've even got hip accessories and tween gifts (always tricky to find).  You can even shop the best gifts for tween girls to go with her new outfit - from sleep masks to pool floats!  No time to shop?  Stuck when it comes to tween clothing ideas? No problem.  Check out our new tween gift box service with tween box options curated based on the tween's style that you choose.  You pick the size, style, and price and we do the rest.  Boxes can include a mix of clothing, accessories, and gift items. Tweens actually WANT clothing, so our gift boxes make the best gifts. We'll package it all up and ship it out beautifully packages to your favorite tween girl.  

7 2020 Top Fashion Tween Clothing Trends for Spring

  1. Tropical clothes + accessories - Flamingos, pineapples, palm trees, toucans...find them on tops and dresses and voila - you've got an instant hit.
  2. Rompers - Tweens are loving these easy one piece outfits this summer.  They're made now to be easy to put on and off.
  3. Subtle colors - An ongoing trend, tweens are partial to minimal prints and neutral colors.
  4. Cropped tops - Luckily we have found lots of cropped tops that aren't TOO cropped so they hit at the waist to make both mom and tween happy.
  5. Jean shorts - These will never go out of style.  The high waisted shorts are especially popular, and we love these because they make those crop tops bearable.
  6. Yellow - This sunny color is the hottest one of the season (no pun intended).  Visit any middle school and you'll find tweens rocking yellow tops, shorts and dresses everywhere you look!
  7. Athleisure - Trendy with tweens just like with moms, athletic leisure wear is still in vogue.  Tweens can like to look sporty and casual, but stylish a the same time with cool leggings and sweatshirts that can double as work out wear.

What are the most popular tween clothing brands and stores?

  1. The best tween boutiques are carrying high quality tween brands like Ragdolls and Rockets, T2Love, Tractr, and Sol Angeles.  These brands design with tween girls in mind, using subtle colors, soft fabrics, and trendy cuts.  Most importantly, the clothing from these brands lasts.  Tweens take better care of their clothes, and we find their clothes fit longer.  So it's important to consider quality when choosing their wardrobe.
  2.  American Eagle.  Tweens love the cropped tops and high waisted shorts at American Eagle.  Their leggings (try the ombre high waisted ones!) rock for dance class and everyday school outfits.  Size 2 women's clothes at AE fit our size 14 tween girls.  The quality fits the lower price, but you can get lots on a budget!
  3.  Hollister.  We don't love going to this store in person due to the excessively loud club music and usually messy floor, but our tweens sometimes like their clothing selection online. The California chill vibe is appealing to tweens.  
  4. One of our favorite tween boutique brands is Izzy Be.  Izzy Be designs clothing with positive messages, so tweens can built confidence, show acceptance and kindness, and combat bullying through their clothing.  Tween years are hard ones, and we respect any clothing brand that tries to make a difference in tweens' daily lives.
  5. Some kids' boutique brands are starting to make clothing in larger sizes 14 and even 16.  More often than not, these styles are the same as the kids' items but made bigger.  Though this doesn't always satisfy the tween market, some styles do end up working well for tweens.  Brands like Appaman, Chaser, and Joah Love often design lots of items that will appeal to older girls - so check out your favorites and see if they've expanded their sizing options!
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