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24m or 2T?  What size should I get?

They sound the same because 24 months is the same as 2 years. But in clothing they are not the same.  Though all brands are different, in general size 2T is longer than size 24m. If you are buying a larger size for an 18m old baby, you might consider 24m instead of 2T.  If you are buying for a true to size 24m old, you might consider buying 2t for growing room.  Your best bet is to check with our customer service department and we can advise you about the specific brand and style, and measure it for you!

Little Skye has a huge selection of clothes for toddlers size 24M, girls clothes size 24M, boys clothes size 24M, girls dresses size 24M and little girl clothes size 24M. We have lots of brands that come in size 24M like Rylee + Cru, Appaman, and Miki Miette. If you need help deciding what size to order, please contact us and we will help you!

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