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Mudpuppy Puzzles + Toys

So a mudpuppy is actually an aquatic salamander, but the toy brand is a whole different story!  Mudpuppy (it just sounds cool doesn't it?) makes educational toys that are actually fun - kids won't even know they're educational!  Their magnetic travel sets are a huge hit with kids in our NJ boutique, and parents love them too because they are self contained and make for great travel and restaurant entertainment.  Choose among dinosaur, mermaid, princess, unicorn, superhero, and lots of other themes. Their new puzzles to go in a pouch are equally cool and fit perfectly in airplane trays!  We also love their new shaped 1000 piece puzzles that are not just a boring old rectangle but are shaped like animals.  Fun for the whole family, while building spatial reasoning skills. Mudpuppy knows how to make puzzles that aren't "lame" and that kids really want to make.

Mudpuppy makes stuff for kids of all ages, from baby to toddler to kid to tween.  We love their inclusive designs - the characters on their magnet sets have diverse skin colors - and their commitment to encouraging learning through play.  We have to admit that we also appreciate their concern for parents and making travel-friendly activities to keep kids occupied without electronics on outings. 


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