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Inked Temporary Tattoos

Inked Temporary Tattoos sell out again and again at Little Skye's Ridgewood store. Wanting to take an elevated twist on the temporary tattoo craze, artist and founder Dani Egna created creative temporary tattoos inspired by her hand-drawn designs. With their signature on-trend style, INKED by Dani is redefining temporary tattoos into a whole new world of wearable art. Their designs are unique, fashion-forward, and the perfect way to express yourself - without the commitment! (which is perfect for tweens and teens!) 

Inked Temporary Tattoos are the perfect complement for all of her favorite tween clothing. It's fun to add something different with finger tattoos, or a touch of whimsy with themes girls love like the Foodie Pack or Happy Pack. All Inked designs are made in the U.S.A. with cruelty free, waterproof and FDA approved ink! 

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