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Ages 2 to 5

Best Toddler Gifts for Boys + Girls Ages 2, 3, 4, and 5

Looking for the best toddler gift ideas for kids ages 2 to 5?  Something different from the usual - something that will really stand out in the pile of presents?  We've curated the best, most unique and creative gifts for boys and girls.  Educational and fun, our gifts for toddler boy and girl are selected by a language and literacy specialist.  We've got the best toddler books, imaginative games, and interactive toys that build motor skills and creativity while allowing for maximum fun and real engagement.

Our 3 best selling toddler girl and boy gifts are:

1. Alphabuild toddler blocks: these fantastic toddler blocks are magnetic, so they are really fun to build.  They are shaped with curves so kids can create letters and all kind of fantastic designs.  With bright colors and high quality materials, they will last for years.

2.  Begin Again toddler puzzles:  made of wood, these amazing puzzles include animals of all shapes that fit together - or not!  Kids can play with these in so many ways - create stories with the animals, match the letters to the animal name, stack them in a balance game, or fit them together like a puzzle.

3.  Sunnylife Pool Floats: Swim time will be even more fun and free with Sunnylife fruit and tropical themed kids' swimmies and pool floats.  Kids love them and they make parents feel more secure as kids play in and near water.

4.  Jellycat stuffed animals:  They are the softest, plushest, and most adorable little friends around.

Don't give them something else that will last for a minute!  Choose a gift that will be adored for years to come and can even be passed down to siblings.  If you need help choosing a gift, call our specialists and we can help you select!  We'll even wrap and deliver your gift for you.  


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