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Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.

Shauna Mann

Posted on May 21 2018

In no way am I the Fresh Prince of Bel Air as a mom of two in my late 30s, but I do love summer time. School's out, sports are on a break, and we have more "mom and me" free time!
My kids and I spend hours each day outside in the summer - picnic play dates at the park, searching the seashore for treasures, playing in the community wave pool, and running through the sprinkler in the backyard.
Little Skye has some of my favorite toys and summer surprises to entertain my kids and accessorize our playtime. My three year old loves the Dolphins Sunset line by Molo. Their Dolphin swim bag is water resistant and perfect for stuffing with a towel, water bottle, and sunscreen. Molo’s trendy girls' swimsuits offer built in UV protection of 50+ - Perfect! 

Our beach and pool times are filled with fun accessories too. As a mom, I love having items that do not look like everyone else since it makes my kids really easy to spot.  The iScream Mermaid Oversize Towel is bright and soft - a unique take on the current mermaid craze. For my still-learning-to-swim kiddo, the SunnyLife Kiddy Crabby Float is fantastic. There is no pouting while using this crabby friend to stay afloat. As a family we enjoy games that all skill levels can play together, which is why I appreciate the SunnyLife Inflatable Floating Donut Game; and, hello, floating donuts are adorable!

As for summer car trips, there a couple of things we do not leave home without. Iced coffee for me (of course) and a Free Play Magnatab by Kido for each kid.  They love comparing designs and I love that it is a self-contained toy. My oldest is a reader and my youngest is a car napper, so I plan for that as well. My napper loves her Jellycat stuffies to cuddle.  We never leave home without “Fluffy” aka the Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Unicorn, but the Amusables Watermelon is totally stealing my heart this season. My oldest will read anything he can get his hands on, so I got him the Marie Curie by Quarto Books. Who can pass up teaching your kid about smart women and scientific discovery at the same time?

 To round out our summer fun, it is temporary tattoos for all! My favorite set with the Foodie Pack by Inked. Tacos, cupcakes, and gummy bears… yea! Bare shoulders and a little rebellion is good for the summer soul.

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