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Melissa Troise

Posted on February 26 2018

I thought for our first blog, I would tell the story of Little Skye.

I founded Little Skye Kids in 2008. After teaching high school English for 14 years, I gave birth to my first daughter, Evelyn Skye, and I wanted to spend as much time with her as I possibly could. So I started Little Skye as a business that I could do from home. It made perfect sense, because I had become quickly obsessed with children’s clothing (such a slippery slope), and I figured it couldn’t be that hard to have a website. (I was wrong about that last part, as the ever-changing world of E-commerce is anything but easy.)

My vision for the web shop was to curate cool kids' clothing from around the world and create distinct outfit combinations that reflect the beauty, joy, innocence and artful wonder of childhood. Kids should be kids as long as they can be, so Little Skye’s tagline is “Embrace Childhood.” One might wonder how clothing can possibly relate to childhood, but clothing is such an important representation of the self, and it is something in which we live our lives regardless of age. Clothing even to a child can make her feel happy, free, and uniquely herself. It can facilitate play, provide comfort, and inspire imagination all at once.

Two years after starting Little Skye, I was fortunate enough to meet Jessica. I couldn’t have imagined finding someone else who works the same way I do, who has the same style, who has the same ideas about what a business should be, who is as dedicated to Little Skye as I am, and who is just all around the best friend a person could have. But I found her in Jessica, who now runs Little Skye side by side with me. Together we have traveled a long road.

Evelyn Skye is now 11 years old, and her sister Colette is almost 7. They inspire me daily to push my imagination and to keep the spirit of my brand alive even in the face of a culture that seems to want kids to grow up so quickly. Though I miss teaching more than I can say, I am grateful every day for this business that allows me a flexible schedule and a way to express my creativity and my love of children.

Little Skye has grown with us, and our children, and our customers. Not to be trite, but we truly learn something new every day…

We found it so difficult to find age appropriate but hip tween clothing that we opened our Tween department, styled and modeled often by our daughters and their friends.

We have become the largest seller in the world of PePe shoes, a brand we love for its high quality, vintage-inspired design, and ethical business practices.

We have become great friends with the designers of Paper Wings, a brand that shares our ideals, and we now offer the only exclusive Paper Wings collections in the USA.

 Two years ago we opened our first brick and mortar kids boutique in Ridgewood, New Jersey, where we have met great friends and have had the tremendous opportunity to turn our virtual space into a living, breathing community.

With thanks to each and every person who has supported Little Skye, and to the beautiful children who wear our clothing,


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