Yolo, Molo Kids!

Shauna Mann

Posted on June 12 2018

Boutique clothing brands have a story that begin with dreaming designers and result in unique clothing for your kids. Molo is intentional about being a children’s clothing line. That’s all they do and they do it really, really well. They do “real life” clothing that kids can move freely in and express themselves with. Molo uses prints to connect with kids; even the most soft-spoken child can communicate their personality in a well-designed print.

Molo’s prints are humorous, imaginative, bold and bright. It's the coolest and most unique urban kids' clothing brand we have, and it makes its own trends. To be honest, as a mom, I did not get it at first.  But my children love these prints since they express their imaginative take on the world. My son’s school picture this year was in a Molo tee; I wanted him to pick clothing that reflected who he was at six years old. The school picture is adorable; the print is bold, the colors were subtle, and his face is beaming since he had his favorite dragon shirt on. 

Their designs have a modern, urban feel and are very well cut.  The clothing also washes well (bonus mom points)!

Molo designers want to be the “favorite” item in your kids closet and in my home that is so true! My son lives in their sweatpants, but I am okay with that since they wash well and have a structured modern fit. He doesn’t look like he just got out of bed, but he feels comfortable and unrestricted.

As if the Molo team could not get any better, Molo actively mitigates ethical and environmental impacts for their production and sourcing! Hurray for our children and future generations! They focus on sustainability and are working toward implementing the 10 Principles of UN Global Compact.  All Molo’s suppliers must adhere to the REACH directive, a regulation of the European Union that was adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment. Molo has banned all chemical substances on REACH’s observation list.

Molo Kids will have four different drops for Fall and Winter this year, so a lot fun stuff is coming your way. The Pre-Fall line just launched with a fantastic soccer theme for one of the lines, including a dress and leggings for girls. Sports themed clothing for girls is unfortunately hard to find, so I'm really happy to see that Molo acknowledges that girls play sports too.  How amazing are these?!?


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