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Jessica Carey

Posted on September 04 2018

   Whenever a new school year starts, I'm always looking for new lunch ideas for kids! Packing a lunch every single day can get tiresome sometimes, and keeping a variety of lunch box ideas in the kitchen makes packing lunches easy and quick.

Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Easy lunch ideas for kids

   My 12 year old is the easiest to pack a lunch for! He loves sandwiches which is pretty much one of the easiest lunches out there for kids! For his sandwiches, I usually include a lunch meat like turkey or ham, sliced cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.  For bread I use different things depending on what we have- bagels, sandwich bread, sandwich rolls, or tortillas for wraps. A big sandwich keeps him full so I don't have to pack much beyond that.  Usually some type of fruit, trail mix, yogurt or pretzels!

Healthy Lunches for Kids

Healthy Lunchbox ideas for kids

Cherries// Carrots// Hummus// Kind Bar// Pasta Salad

   My 14 year old doesn't like traditional things like sandwiches but with a little creativity we're still able to come up with lots of healthy school lunch ideas. We use a thermos for her quite often and put things like pasta salad, rice and beans, soup, or spinach salad in it.  We usually round out her lunch with a fruit and veggie and some type of granola bar.  She also loves hummus and I get the individual cups of it at Costco for a quick snack on the go.

Bento Lunch Box Kids

Kids Bento Lunch Box

Juice Box// Hummus and tortilla wrap// Carrots// Watermelon// Veggie Sticks// Almonds and Cranberries// Annie's Fruit Snacks

Easy lunch ideas for kids

Hummus wrap// Pretzels// Applesauce// Carrots// Cheese Bites// Trail Mix

   I have fun packing my 6 year olds lunch everyday! We use a Yumbox, which makes kids bento lunch box packing quick and fun! The Yumbox is the perfect size for his age, and he can have small bites of a variety of things which is how he prefers to eat.  I usually include a fruit, a veggie, cut up cheese or lunchmeat, trail mix, crackers or pretzels, yogurt and a small treat.

20 things to keep on hand for quick and easy lunches:

  1. Pretzels 
  2. Applesauce
  3. Hummus
  4. Carrot Sticks
  5. Trail Mix
  6. Granola Bars
  7. Yogurt
  8. Nuts- almonds, peanuts or cashews
  9. Dried fruit
  10. Cheese sticks
  11. Crackers
  12. Pirate's Booty
  13. Bagels and cream cheese
  14. Tortillas for wraps
  15. Pita bread
  16. Apples, grapes, melon, cherries or strawberries 
  17. Granola to put on top of yogurt
  18. Hardboiled eggs
  19. Salami 
  20. Popcorn

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