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Brooke White

Posted on August 06 2018

Do you ever look around your house and everywhere you look it seems like a tornado went through and destroyed all of the hard work and cleaning you just did….maybe an hour ago?  Kids tend to be messy little people, so organization for kids' rooms has to be easy.  They need a lot of help and guidance to remember to keep their areas cleaned up.  It is possible to find ways to eliminate, or at least hide, the clutter and live in a tidier home with some simple kids' room organization tips. I have a few kids storage ideas that will help wrestle those messes into their bins and out of your sight, so you can relax and feel less stressed at the end of the day.

Furniture - or kids' room storage?

I can’t say enough about how multitasking items can change your room and your life, especially in small spaces.  The key to these storage elements is bins, compartments, and shelves that can be used any way that YOU need them to function.  We recently re-organized my oldest son’s room and decided that we were going to need more storage bins, more bookshelves, some display shelves, and maybe a larger dresser.  The only problem was that we don’t have room for all of that furniture in his bedroom.  We found a great solution in this gigantic bookshelf from Ikea. 

Large bookshelf full of toys, books, and bins

I was worried at first that the bookshelf took up almost a whole wall of his room, but it stores all of his “display Legos,” his books, and toys that can go in the bottom bins.  By serving more than one purpose this shelf actually freed up a lot of space, and we were able to remove other furniture, giving his room a polished look that is way more functional now.

Some other fun furniture ideas that can be used as kids' room storage are headboards with bookshelves or storage compartments built in, and loft beds that allow desks and usable space underneath.  When space is at a premium it’s also important to take advantage of vertical space, by using taller bookshelves or floating shelves.  Just make sure that fragile or display items are stored towards the top and usable kid-friendly shelves are below.  You can also invest in some bunk beds, which allow beds to be on one wall while creating space for toys and play in other parts of the room.  Important safety note:  Make sure all furniture is properly strapped to the walls, especially tall or heavy items like shelves, beds, dressers, and televisions. 

Loft bed with shelves and storage underneath

Organizing kids' rooms - thinking outside the box

Have you ever thought about taking the closet doors off of a closet to make it a more inviting space for kids?  When it comes to organizing kids' rooms, it helps to think differently.  A closet doesn’t just have to be a closet, it can be a reading nook, an art area, a castle, or whatever you can imagine it to be!  When one of my sons was little we took the doors off of his closet and used the top half to hang his clothes, and the bottom half to make “workbenches” with toys at his height.  Putting curtains on closets is also a new trend that I love for little kids.  It’s so much easier for kids to get into their toys if they don’t have to open a heavy closet door, and it creates a really easy way to hide the mess at the end of the day.

Closet with a curtain turned into a reading nook

Toy storage ideas - think inside the bins

Bins are the best because they hide everything.  Toy organizer ideas are priceless.  We especially love toy storage ideas for small spaces, because then everything isn't invading into the main living space.  I’m talking not just toys, but papers, stickers, dress-up clothes, and games.  You name it, and I will put it in a bin.  It is so simple to de-clutter a space by using bins and baskets, they make rooms instantly more appealing and organized.  We like these fun ones from Ikea that have a unique shape, and can also be used as bookshelves, display cases, and in our house, as a climbing area for rambunctious boys. 

Storage shelf for kids with orange and green bins

For younger children it can also help to label bins with words, or get see-through bins so they easily know how to match what goes inside.  For very young children and pre-readers you can even draw picture labels to go with the words on the bins and children can learn to read as they tidy-up.

Kids' art supply storage 

Another creative art supply storage idea is a rolling cart.  We have two of these at our house, and we use this one in our homework area with practical items like pencils, glue, markers and rulers.  The other one is our craft cart and keeps all of our craft supplies organized.  We use bins within the cart to keep bottles of glitter, stamps, pom poms, sequins, and all the fun art supplies organized for craft time.  This is a fun and colorful way to keep supplies accessible, without making a big disorganized mess.

Blue rolling cart full of art supplies

I hope these ideas inspire you to try something new and organize kids' rooms! Let kids help with the process so they learn how to put toys into the bins, and where everything goes.  If they feel like they are contributing ideas and making the organizational system themselves, they are also way more likely to use it in the future.

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