Kids' Fashion Shows (and why we have them)

Melissa Troise

Posted on May 16 2018

Why Kids' Fashion Matters

Why do kids need fashion, you ask?  We at Little Skye Kids believe that clothing is one of the many ways in which people express who they are, and that is no different for children.  My daughter tells me that she picks her outfits because they make her happy and show people "this is me" (to use her words).

Part of the reason we started Little Skye, a personally curated children's clothing boutique, is to facilitate children's self expression.  We select clothing for boys and girls that is as varied as the children who wear it, to allow each child's personality to shine.  As a children's boutique carrying many brands, we are not limited to one style, and we search high and low for kids' clothing that is imaginative and full of life.

In that light, we started having fashion shows at our Ridgewood, New Jersey kids' boutique. We very strongly believe that small businesses should be part of the community in which they are located, and the biggest joy we have found is getting to know the wonderful children and their parents in our store's home town and surrounding towns.  Now when I do the buying, I think of the many children I have come to love, and what would make them happy to wear.

Each of our shows features local children from ages 3 to 12 who want to show off their unique personalities.  They choose their own outfits, their own runway walks, their own poses.  I will never stop being amazed by their confidence, as I surely could not have walked down a runway in front of 40+ adults and a professional photographer when I was a child.

Here are some pictures from our latest show, which was so full of life and happiness that it makes me even more love what I do.  Each child wears his or her look with such pride and joy that it makes it clear why fashion - or simply what we wear -  is just as important for kids as it is for adults. 

Below are local children modeling outfits from Paper Wings, molo, Tiny Whales, and more!

kids fashion show

paper wings clothing

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