Buying Clothes for Sensitive Kids: A Parent's Guide

Brooke White

Posted on June 11 2018

How to find clothes for kids with fabric sensitivities

Do you have a child who won’t wear jeans, or often complains that clothes are too scratchy, too tight, not soft, or just generally uncomfortable?  If you do, you are not alone!  One of my sons would not wear jeans until he was nine, and would often try on shirts that I’d bought him and never touch them again.  It can be very frustrating as a parent to have to try to guess what your children will deem acceptable, and to try to talk them into wearing clothes that we think are great when they seem impossible to please.  After doing a little research, it turns out that we are not alone!

     Clothing sensitivity is very common for a variety of reasons.  Some kids have sensory processing difficulties, are hypersensitive, or what we sometimes end up thinking of as just plain “picky.” Whatever the reason, there are ways to work with your children to find clothes that they love, and that you can love too.  Little Skye is here to help, and we carry tons of brands with super soft fabrics and comfortable waistbands that may work for your kids.

     After a little bit of trial and error, I have found that certain brands tend to work well for my most sensitive child.  I once ordered some Miki Miette pants for one of my other boys, but my sensitive child immediately snagged them after he felt how soft they were and he wanted to wear them all the time.  He said they felt like pajamas, and he was right!  The fabric was soft and stretchy and they ran a bit large, so they weren’t tight on his waist, and the waistband was covered is soft fabric as well. 

     Since my child refused to wear jeans at this point, finding cool looking boys’ pants with elastic waistbands was getting a little hard.  Luckily, Little Skye has tons of trendy clothes for boys, including skinny sweatpants that match most graphic tees we have, and still look age-appropriate so that my son can fit in with his peers. Once I knew what types of fit, fabrics, and brands worked for my child, it was a lot easier to search for those, and find pants that he would actually love to wear.  Little Skye is working hard to the add fabric content information to our clothes online, and we are always happy to contact brands to ask for you if you need help!

     Another favorite brand around my house is Paper Wings, because their fabrics are incredibly soft. I really wish I had bought one for all three of my kids because they would wear them every day. I will definitely be buying more of this brand in the future. 

     Other popular brands with the picky crowd tend to be Joah Love and Chaser,  because of their comfortable fabrics, stretchy waistbands, adjustable drawstring options, and easy pull-on and go styles.  These brands are consistently great each season for playful graphics that kids love, that are also comfortable and practical for everyday wear.  They are definitely mom and kid approved!

     Come check out some of my favorite brands to see if they might work for your child too!  Keep in mind that we have an awesome exchange and return policy to make it quick and painless to find brands that your child will love, so don’t be afraid to try something new.  We are always available to help, and are happy to answer questions and track down more information if you need it, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Happy shopping!

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