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Shauna Mann

Posted on October 24 2018

Reading to our children benefits their development, period. From pediatrician appointments to parenting magazines we all learn about the importance of reading. PBS, which is a fantastic resource for parents, has a informative blog post Why Reading Aloud to Kids Helps Them Thrive which explores the social, emotional, and educational benefits of reading with young children. Even knowing this there are a few times I think to myself, “If you ask me to read this book one more time, I’ll pull out my hair.” I have found that I need to be strategic about which books come into our home for my own sanity. Below is a compilation of resources I use to find the most engaging and parent-approved books. Hopefully, the suggestions below bring new stories into your bedtime routines and afternoon snuggles.

The Best Children's Books by Age

Parents and caregivers often wonder what are the best children's books. We can recall our childhood favorites such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Good Night Moon, but most of us do not know current titles. The best books for toddlers tend to be mix of the classic and new titles. Common Sense Media has a well-curated list at My family has read all of these and I can attest to their ability to captivate young children and facilitate enjoyable story times.

Young children through elementary age kids can be drawn into children’s picture books. Enchanting illustrations can engage their imaginations while you read aloud the story. Some of the best children books of all time can be found at the New York Public Library.  This is a list of 100 books from the past 100 years chosen by the children’s librarians at The New York Public Library.

Classic baby books for babies under 6 months can be found at Read Brightly. list is filled with familiar favorites that you may recognize from your own childhood. New books for babies under 1 can be found at, which highlights eight new 2018 titles for babies curated by the staff and community at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Books for baby shower’s gifts are thoughtful presents that they will not grow out of quickly. Barnes and Nobles put together a fantastic list of 50 books that make great gifts.

Unlike our childhood there are now delightful baby books online! Storyberries offers short stories that you can read aloud to your little while scrolling through the pictures. Story Jumper has books that are read to you, with a searchable library, or you can create your own! 

The Best Chapter Books for Kids

As children grow and develop, their attention span expands and they enjoy more detailed stories. The best chapter books to read aloud (along with age recommendations) can be found at list is full of popular chapter books and books from popular children chapter book series. My son is a veracious reader and the linked list has books for us to read together and ones that will hold his interest.

Hopefully this blog helped you find new gems, remember old favorites, and feel inspired to introduce you children to an expanded variety of books.

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