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Rompers for girls are happily the latest trend in the girls' boutique clothing world!  The star in the collections of all your favorite brands, the new girls' rompers come in toddler to tween sizes, with hip prints and stylish backs. 

Tween girls' clothing can be difficult to find.  They want something hip and trendy, and you want something age appropriate. So we search high and low for cute clothing for tweens that you will both love! In fact, you might want some of these looks in your size.  From tween brands like PPLA, Ragdolls and Rockets, Kiddo, and a few surprises, you'll find that Justice is not your only option. 

Looking for holiday and Christmas gift ideas for kids?  We've put together our favorite unique gifts for kids of all ages, with a focus on toys, crafts and books that spark imagination and encourage creativity.

Desert inspirations have become a real trend in fashion these days, and we have always loved the desert and its subtle and unexpected beauty. So we are all too happy to provide our own take it.  To celebrate our new desert-themed exclusive collection designed in collaboration with Paper Wings, we decided to have a contest.
Boys' fashion is becoming more and more hip, with urban cool looks made of soft fabrics that boys actually love to wear.  So add some variety to those sports jerseys and solid sweatpants, and mix it up with the latest trendy boys' clothing brands like Mini Shatsu, Joah Love and Molo Kids.
It's wonderful when you can find craft kits that last more than one sitting.  The Yarn Tree Kit is the perfect project that will last for several hours.  Older kids (this kit is for kids age 8 and over) are able to complete projects that require a little patience.  They find it rewarding to work on something that's challenging.  Especially when it turns out as cute as The Yarn Tree!
To our delight, a trend for gender-neutral clothing has developed in the baby and toddler fashion industry, particularly among European and Los Angeles-based brands.
More and more parents seem compelled to not dress their baby and toddler girls in frilly pink frocks, or their boys in primarily light blue.

I used to be a high school English teacher, and after that an instructor of English Education.  My dissertation, entitled “Reading in Motion: Demystifying New Criticism in High School English,” ultimately argues that instead of teaching texts, we teach through texts using a critical inquiry approach.

Now I own a children’s boutique, but that is another story.


Cool plaids, waterfall cardigans, faux leather trims, and sayings like "Smart Cookie..." It really can't get much better.
Today we launch Joah Love Fall 16 for boys and girls.  We have long been the largest retailer of Joah Love, and this season we loved it so much that we are stocking almost the whole collection.

It seems too often that the story of a brand can get lost – or faded - in the proverbial shuffle.  And those stories should not be forgotten.  They give meaning to the clothing our children wear, because clothes are not just things – they are expressions.

Here I would like to share the story of an uncommon brand, one that was built by the most creative, talented and ethical people I have come to know in the business, one that was built upon a genuine love of childhood and all of its wonder: Paper Wings.

Happily for us, Retro and Mod looks never really go out of style.  It’s no secret that we love vintage clothing, especially for kids. It reminds us of simpler times, when children were children and were less often expected to grow up too quickly.  

This Fall, some of our most loved girls' boutique clothing brands feed our fashion nostalgia with back to school clothes and shoes that will have you swooning with reminiscence and recalling the innocence and joy of childhood.   

The word desert often conjures up colorless, lifeless images.  But the desert can also be alive with color and beauty.  Our new collection designed in collaboration with Paper Wings Clothing is a colorful take on the current cactus fashion trend, with graphics and prints that reflect the desert in a different - more vibrant - light.

I thought for our first blog, I would tell the story of Little Skye.

I founded Little Skye in 2008. After teaching high school English for 14 years, I gave birth to my first daughter, Evelyn Skye, and I wanted to spend as much time with her as I possibly could.  So I started Little Skye as a business that I could do from home.  It made perfect sense, because I had become quickly obsessed with children’s clothing (such a slippery slope), and I figured it couldn’t be that hard to have a website.  (I was wrong about that last part, as the ever-changing world of E-commerce is anything but easy.)